Crafty brothel owners using ‘mobile sex services’ to bypass Covid-19 restrictions

Police cannot do anything

The Covid-19 lockdown in Greece has either seriously crippled or completely halted any economic activity in the country. But some crafty sex service entrepreneurs have found a way to bypass the current restrictions by employing ‘mobile escort services’.

Under the current law, people are slapped with a hefty 300-euro if they violate the curfew in effect, which led some brothel owners to set up ‘private meetings’ with customers in campervans that park at secluded areas.

As you can see in the photo published exclusively by, the ‘lover’ who probably owns or rents a caravan vehicle decided to use it in the midst of restrictive measures to continue seeing their partner without violating laws.

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The motor caravan is a vehicle for Private Use and its owner can under the law move freely on Greek roads from the moment it has paid its registration fees, the insurance premiums, and has passed the roadworthiness tests. Its movement is, therefore, not prohibited due to the coronavirus.

According to’s report, many caravans have been rented by brothel owners, and are already circulating on the streets, offering reliable and trusted customers the services and programs that they had in their establishments before the lockdown measures were imposed.