Crazy! How on earth did this driver get his car on the pavement!!? (photo)

There are some explanations

The image of a small car parked on a narrow pavement in Athens has gone viral on the internet as everyone is trying to understand how the owner managed to get his vehicle through the small iron bars fitted on the side of the pavement.

Greek drivers are, unfortunately, not known as paradigms of respecting traffic laws and the abiding by the norms when it comes to where to park their vehicles.

But this annoying car owner took it a step further, as he managed to outrageously park his white car on a street, completely blocking it for pedestrians.

But this was a special case, as the obnoxious motorist had managed something which seemed incomprehensible.

As can be seen in the photo, although there are iron pillars on the pavement of the road placed at small distances between each other, he somehow perfectly fit his car.

The most prevalent explanations are the following …
1. There was probably a gap between a couple of pillars out of the frame of the photo (most likely)

2. The columns might be detachable and he probably took some of their base and parked bis car before putting them back.