Cute dog on rock amid Attica inferno reunited with its owners (photos)

The dog named Lua was reunited with its owners who were on holidays in Mati

While Greece is in mourning after the wildfires in eastern Attica claimed the lives of 81 people, search efforts to locate more bodies continue.
However, amid the catastrophe and the gloom, a photo of a cute dog curled up on a rock in the middle of the sea at Mati, as the flames were raging caught the attention.
The photo of the dog, which was separated from its owners in the chaos of the fire made the round of the Internet.

The picture shows a brown-white dog, which has turned black due to the thick smoke, resting and trying to recover from the shock on a small rock in the sea at Mati Attica.

After the release of its photo online, many tried to find its owners.
The efforts were successful, as the dog, a female called Lua was reunited with its owners.