Cycling tourism totally unaffected by coronavirus bans, survey says

The survey was conducted by a large German cycling trip database company

The coronavirus crisis and related travel bans do not appear to have affected plans by tourists who love cycling, according to a survey conducted by Germany’s largest database of cycling trips, Radreisen.

The survey, carried out in early April on a sample of 1,500 travellers, showed most respondents were determined to go ahead wth their holiday plans this year, but were still waiting for the final details to commit. As the findings revealed, 90% of those surveyed would travel in 2020 for a few days of cycling.

More than 70% of respondents had planned a vacation in 2020, and 80% wish to travel this year. Almost 80% of cycling holiday plans have not yet been cancelled, either because they start on the calendar after the travel bans are scheduled to be lifted or because they have been postponed for a later date. Half of those who had planned a trip in 2020 will start planning the holiday after the lift of global travel warnings.