Cyprus: Two 11-year-old boys have been abducted

Developing story

Two 11-year-old pupils of the sixth grade of the Primary School of Kamaron in Larnaca were abducted at 7:45 am on Tuesday morning.

They are Themistocles Dolgli and Philip Stamatakis.

According to testimonies so far, it appears a man aged between 50 and 60 years-old may be involved, about 1.70 – 1.75 m, with one hand tied up due to some injury.

According to the same information, the man who was driving a gray car introduced himself to the children as a teacher, asked for their help, put them in the car and left.

The area was soon after full of police forces of various departments to investigate every aspect of the case.

The first information indicates that children are friends and their families come from Greece.

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