“Dad, I think we made a mistake! We don’t see the beach” – Diverse Crete (photo)

From sunny beach to snowy ridges

Summer is well behind us. But a throwback photo from May, before the world turned on its head due to the pandemic, posted on social media by Alexandros Roniotis in Crete with his two kids carrying all their beach gear…but no beach in sight…reveals the truly diverse nature of Crete.

The picture, snapped by Alexandros on May 13, shows the two children standing between two large snow ridges…seemingly a little baffled. The area is called Skinakas, near the homonymous Observatory located on the peak of Psiloritis, 50km from Heraklion at a height of 1,750 metres.

The uploader, who runs the site cretabeaches.com, wanted to highlight the fact that living in Crete, allows you to find yourself from a beautiful beach to a snowy ridge in a matter of a short time.

He humorously captioned it “Dad, I think we made a mistake! We don’t see the beach.”

The photo has garnered dozens of praiseworthy comments, while the photographer tells the story of his family’s adventure that started for the beach in Karteros and ended up in the snow in the mountains!

Let’s hope we are all soon able to enjoy the beauties of nature and travelling…