Dad walks in half-naked to ruin daughter’s report in home kitchen (funny video)

Telework is not that easy some times

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, one of the things many people have been forced to become accustomed to is to work from home where possible. Telework has become a part of journalists lives, but sometimes unexpected appearances can ruin the report.

As a journalist from SNN was recording her video report from her kitchen at home her father walked into the frame half naked as he was putting on his

SNN journalist Jessica Lang asked her mom Diana to take a video of her while presenting an issue from her home kitchen.

Everything seemed to be going along fine, but Jessica suddenly had to stop the video when she saw her mother-director signal her to stop.

The reporter turned around and sees her half-naked dad trying to put on a t-shirt.

When he understood what was happening, he ran back to avoid being seen, but it was too late.

Jessica posted the mishap on twitter commenting “Work from home they said, it’ll be fine they said”


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