Daredevil dancer in breathtaking performance at Greek bridge (VIDEO)

Suspended by 15-meter white silks while hanging from 50 meters


Aerial dancer Katerina Soldatou has presented a daredevil performance as part of the project Greece Has Soul, dancing while hanging from Greece’s Rio-Antirrio Bridge.

The Rio-Antirrio bridge is one of the largest in the world and Soldatou’s aerial performance video went viral.

Her performance was a joint venture between the dancer and the bridge authorities, based on the 21 March 1821’s symbolism; the building of bridges between Greeks in their joint effort to help the homeland advance as the bridge connects Peloponnese with the rest of the country.

Soldatou said her performance was also intended to symbolize unity between all peoples of the world.

Suspended by 15-meter white silks while hanging from 50 meters, the blue of the Corinthian Gulf and the blue of Katerina’s bodysuit combined to make up the national colors of Greece.

The performance, however, was not limited to the open air but was extended to the inside of the highest pylon of the bridge, totaling 164 meters from seabed.

Source: Philip Chrysopoulos/greekreporter

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