David Beckam kisses daughter on lips causing criticism

Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan called it “gross”

David Beckham has come under a lot of criticism after kissing his 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips during a woman’s football match in France.

But the former England captain remained defiant, refusing to stop showing his affection to the seven-year-old. The 44-year-old kissed Harper on the lips as they enjoyed a daddy-daughter date to the Lionesses’ quarter-final match against Norway.

David brought his youngest child to the critical match in Le Havre, France, to watch as England beat Norway 3-0 to make it to the semi-final of the Women’s World Cup.
And in a big middle finger to anyone calling his affection for Harper ‘creepy’ or ‘weird’, the football legend sweetly gave his daughter a peck as they prepared to watch the match.
After David hit back at trolls previously by kissing Harper in a cute Instagram video, Piers Morgan went on the attack on Good Morning Britain.

He said: ‘It’s very sweet…[But] why would a father kiss his daughter on the lips? Don’t get it – creepy. Weird. ‘Then you post that for the world – you posted that for the world, why? Weird, Weird, weird, it’s just weird.’ David – who is also dad to Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, and 14-year-old Cruz with wife Victoria – previously defending kissing his kids back in 2017 amid the initial backlash.