Deputy FinMin Valavani resigns

Agreement is not a solution

Greek Deputy Finance Minister Nadia Valavani has reportedly tendered her resignation.

According to reports, Valavani sent a letter of resignation to PM Alexis Tsipras on Monday morning amid heightened turmoil and ahead of a crucial vote in Parliament on Wednesday on the latest agreement proposed by the Greek side to creditors.

She underlined that even after the deal was struck with EU partners she does not believe a final agreement will be achieved, as the true intent of “reactionary forces within Germany” is to completely humiliate the Greek government and not strike a deal.

“Until the Greek government collapses and a ‘willing puppet’ government takes control of power”, she adds.

Addressing the Greek PM by his first name, she stressed that the capitulation by the Greek government is crushing and will not allow a regrouping of the government.

She called on Tsipras to explain what the terms of agreement really mean to the future generations. “The solution imposed on Greece is in such a depressing way that it is not viable”, she adds.