Devil-worshipping inmate rapist claims he is suffering discrimination for his beliefs

The Cypriot-British man was convicted for raping a teenager in a satanic ritual

Pedro Evangelou, 44, says he’s being harassed about his occult beliefs and satanic tattoos.

A rapist devil worshipper is moaning that he is being discriminated against in jail for his “religious” beliefs.
Twisted Pedro Evangelou, 44, says he is being harassed by fellow lags about his occult beliefs and satanic tattoos.

He was caged for nine years in 2017 for raping a teen clubber in his flat – which he had turned into a shrine to evil.
The fiend has described himself as a “Luciferian” satanist.
A prison source said: “He stands out like a sore thumb with an upside-down pentagram tattoo on his forehead. It’s made him a target.
“Rapists are generally the lowest of the low in the prison, but add in a person who believes in ritual magic and pretending to be evil and it creates problems with other prisoners just trying to get on with serving their sentence.

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