DGC offers alternative and authentic cultural experiences

DGC – Showing foreign tourists another side of Greece

Alexandra Tiligada and Sophia Antoniadou created Discover Greek Culture (DGC) to promote Greek tourism and culture around Greece. Foreign tourists who want to have a personal tour of Greece by experts in their field can get in touch with the group that offers authentic experiences. They can enjoy coffee or theater with the locals, a dinner at someone’s house or even a night-time walk with a local through the backstreets of the city.


DGC caters for small groups from just two people to 14 and offers a number of options that are catered to the clients’ own personality.


The women who started the company hope that they can convey their own love of culture to visitors to Greece and are willing to take visitors to destinations such as the Benaki Museum and Cycladic Art Museum to the Acropolis or places like Black Duck Multiplarte and MAMA Roux, Brettos and Fuga or combo tours that combine wining and dining with walking and talking.