Dispute between Turks and Syrian refugees turned violent in Istanbul (videos)

New troubles in Turkey?


A dispute between some Syrian refugees and Turks quickly turned violent in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district late Saturday, Turkish news website Sendika.org reported.

Last night, in one of Istanbul’s refugee settlements Esenyurt, some Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens living in the same district had quarreled. The cause of the dispute is unknown. The altercation escalated soon and it turned into mass physical attack with knives and batons against the Syrian refugees. Turkish group got crowded and started to attack Syrian workplaces and 12 people injured during the incident, Sendika.org said.

During the incidents, some Turks set up a chant of “This is Turkey, not Syria’’ and shouted “Allahu akbar”. Police interfered the incident and detained three Syrian refugees, according to Sendika.org. Turkish authorities said there no casualties and injured people were treated at the hospital.

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