Doctoranytime: All you ever wanted to know about Greek doctors

At doctoranytime, patients can find information about doctors, their bedside manner, costs and even the equipment they use

Doctoranytime is a startup in Greece that is helping to revolutionize the way doctor consultations are organized. The service allows patients to make an online appointment 24/7 by using the platform founded by Eleftheria Zourou. The site allows patients to find out more details about the doctor they want to visit by reading patient reviews, finding out about the cost of an appointment and the insurance funds that each doctor is affiliated with. Patients can compare prices, find out which clinics have state-of-the-art technology and also learn about the availability of appointments.

Ms. Zourou told Proto Thema that the idea for the startup came after a personal need to make an appointment with a specialist. “My workload and the way that the health system is organized turned a simple need into a two-month process,” she said. “That’s when I decided that I wanted to contribute so as to help change come about and make life easier.”

“Someone who finally decides to make their health a priority doesn’t want to add to the psychological burden that the sheer idea of going to the doctor creates,” she said.

Patients who use doctoranytime can get information they would otherwise not be privy to, such as other patients’ reports, cost or whether the doctor gives a receipt. Not only that, but within minutes they can also book an appointment without having to waste time and money waiting for the phone to be answered. Not only that, but patients can get updated on whether test results are ready and build an online medical record.

Call 215 50 50005 or to visit the site CLICK HERE