Doda and his sexy new love after Athina Onassis break-up (photos)

Divorce battle to culminate in March of 2017

Six months after his breaking up with Athina Onassis, granddaughter of legendary Greek tycoon, Alvaro de Miranda Neto (Doda) has found comfort in the arms of a sexy blonde TV presenter from Brazil named Denize Severo. According to reports in international media, their relationship is serious, but Doda has refused, on his lawyers’ advice, to publicly confirm it, for fear the information being used against him in the divorce court proceedings with Athina Onassis, which are expected to culminate in March next year. On her part, the heiress of the Onassis wealth has a prenuptial agreement that provides for a 1 million dollar alimony each year for life in the event of a divorce.


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