“Driven”: The incredible true story of John DeLorean and the “Back To The Future” car

Tired of the endless politics and infighting, he left the company in 1973, to follow his dream of running his own company

The extraordinary life of controversial car maker John DeLorean (whose iconic car design became famous in the Back To The Future films) has been turned into a new film, Driven.

Starring Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hobbit’s Lee Pace in the lead role, the film tells the story the man whose incredible plan to revolutionise the automobile industry ended in a disaster involving cocaine smuggling, FBI informants and the IRA.

Here’s a look at the fast rise, and devastating fall, of a man who had it all, but saw his dream swerve into the ditch.

A talent raring to go

After getting an engineering degree, John DeLorean went to work in Detroit, known as ‘Motor City’ after it became the center of car mass production in the 20th century. Starting at Chrysler, the highly talented and innovative engineer, moved to Packard, then General Motors, where he came up with the first ever ‘muscle car’, the Pontiac GTO. At the age of 40, became the youngest ever division head at the company.

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