Drivers over 74 compelled to renew their driver’s license

The new circular was issued by the Transport Ministry

Drivers over 74 years old, will be compelled to renew their driver’s license, according to the new highway code.
A new Ministry of Transport circular forwarded to the relevant services and directorates will require drivers over the age of 74 to demonstrate their parking skills, as well as their reflexes in the vehicle.
In particular, according to a decision by Transport Minister Christos Spirits, elderly drivers will have to sit for their driver’s license tests and will have to repeat the procedure every 3 years, apart from the necessary medical certificates they will have to produce. Those over 80 will have to pass the tests every two years.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the elderly will be examined on some basic driving tests and not the complete gamut and all the road signs. Foreign drivers visiting Greece will also be required to take the tests.