Elderly German woman tortured and killed by gang of 4

Three Turks and one Nigerian were the perpetrators

Three Turks and one Nigerian are standing trial at the district court of Osnabrück in Germany for the torture and murder of a 75-year-old pensioner. The four are accused to have kidnapped 75-year-old pensioner Ursula U., brutally torturing and killing her.

The “suspects”, Ramazan B. (43), Enoma E. (25), Mert N. (24) and Kahraman P., who are also charged with the participation in blackmail, aggravated robbery, and predatory extortion, reportedly murdered the 75-year-old Ursula U. in December 2018.
On Wednesday, the defendants stood before a court in Osnabrück. As Bild newspaper reported, the victim wanted to buy a fake driver’s license from one of the men. When Ursula U. could not pay the demanded sum, the men killed her.
The victim suffered terrible torture at the hands of her kidnappers. Forensic doctors later discovered injuries to the whole body, including tongue piercing, rib fractures, head wounds, laryngeal contusion, Bild reported.