Electric bus hits the streets of Athens (video)

Passengers can use it for free at the moment

As of today, October 21st, the first electric bus will be running on the streets of Athens, carrying for the first time passengers on determined itineraries.

The electric bus was put on a test track today by OSY, running a short route inside the centre of Athens. Those using it will not need a ticket.

It is a vehicle of the Chinese car manufacturer YUTONG, which, responding to the open invitation of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport for a pilot run of vehicles of this type, has been testing the vehicle on the roads for two months.

This demo bus is low model boarding transport vehicle with not steps. It is 12 metres long, has 3 double doors, and a ramp for the disabled. Its passenger capacity stands at 27 seated, 46 standing, 1 disabled, although due to the measures for the coronavirus epidemic, as in all means of public transport in Athens, special markings have been placed in the places so that the safety distances are observed.

The electric bus has a 350kw engine, with 1200Nm of torque, an incline assist system HSA, front collision avoidance cameras and a lane change warning system. Its battery has a capacity of 350 kWh, while it also has USB charging ports for passengers.

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