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Eleni Fureira does the nationalist Albanian sign at Eurovision! (photo)

She made the double eagle sign with Albanian’s representative

In a move that is bound to cause some furore, Eleni Foureira, the Greek singer who will represent Cyprus in the upcoming Eurovision song contest took part in a photo opportunity with Albania’s representative Eugent Bushpepa where they made the nationalistic sign of the Greater Albania. The Albanian singer later posted the photo on his Instagram profile commenting: “She’ll literally light up the ESC stage!!! @foureira you rock girl!!?”. The sign of the double eagle is considered a symbol of Albanian nationalism and is associated with territorial claims against Albania’s neighbouring nations in the Balkans, including Greece.


She’ll literally light up the ESC stage!!! @foureira you rock girl!!

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Eugent Bushpepa (@eugentbushpepa) στις

  • klodian

    It is nott true that the eagle bicephalic sign is just the simbol of the albanian flag nothing to do with any Greater Albania agenda. You (some greeks) has to admit that you are just xenophobic and hate everything albanian, especially the albanian national symbols. So you invent something hatefull to justify the hate

    • Bledi Mucaj


    • themanews

      It is the symbol of the Albanian flag but it is also used extensively by the Albanian nationalists.

      • klodian

        What does it mean! The Golden Dawn too use the greek flag in their poliic activities. Does this make the greek flag an extremist symbol!!! I don’t think so….

        • themanews

          A flag is the official symbol of a country/nation. Signs formed by someone’s hands are not official in anyway and, hence, they are used quite often in order to symbolize something more than the obvious. Maybe you are not aware of who has been using this specific sign, because you are probably not part of any such group/team/party. But in the subculture of the Albanian nationalism this sign has a specific context. Nobody is saying that all Albanians are like that. Not even close. However, since there are nationalists in every country, this sign has been hijacked by specific groups with a specific mentality. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • Alexsandros Papandreu

            You are so weak.
            Because if you believed the bullshit you are trying to sell your sheep to be true, you wouldn’t remove my comments.
            Anyways. my only advice to you is not to instigate hate.

            Phrases like ‘subculture of the Albanian Nationalism’ ‘symbolize something more than the obvious’

            In short, you are a bad human being, a shit journalist and frankly very ignorant due to your use of subjective reasoning without factual backing.

            Enjoy your day and your shallow life.

          • themanews

            We reserve the right to remove insulting comments. We approved this one just to demonstrate why the previous one was deleted, as it had a quite similar vocabulary to this one.

            The term “subculture” is a sociological term. For example, the fans of the Goth movement, Emo etc. are subcultures. It describes mostly, but not exclusively, cultural groups and similar subcategories that are not part of the mainstream. It is not used as an insult.

            ‘symbolize something more than the obvious’. What exactly is the problem with this phrase?…

            Subjective reasoning without factual backing? Just because some people don’t have the facts that we have (call it a privilege of our profession), that doesn’t mean that we are subjective. If, however, you choose to ignore facts that you are aware of, then we cannot be of any help…

          • Jonida Sanço

            I don’t care who has hijacked the sign. The truth is that the sign for us is pride of our ethnicity, nothing to do with Greater Albania. And this is not the reason both singers used the sign. The way this article is phrasing it, is as if they’re promoting Greater Albania. To us, Greater Albania is not a territorial claim, it’s an acknowledgement of our diaspora around the world, and keeping our values, language, culture alive wherever we are. That’s the meaning of the symbol.

          • themanews

            You should care because there are people who give a bad name to your pure and honest feelings for your country. The Nazi salute was Roman, but they hijacked it, so if you are for example a fan of the Roman culture and you try use it for fun, I hope you understand how that is really going to make you look…
            The reason why Foureira’s move made it to the news was not the notion that she actually supports UCC or any such groups, but mostly the fact that she hasn’t heard anything about how these groups use this sign. There were at least two incidents in Greece where the nationalistic use of this sign made headlines, plus she speaks albanian and therefore she has access to the albanian media which gives her access to news related to these groups. So, it was an unpleasant suprise and it was news-worthy. That’s all.

  • HERA

    As usual Greeks try to find an argument to express and furthermore justify their racism. That symbol is the symbol of Albanians worldwide nothing to do with greater Albania. If she will wear a t- shirt of G. Albania i will understand. But this is pure justification for their angry, envy, and racism. I pity Greeks, all their have is only Old Greek history – the today Greeks has nothing to do with their history.

    • themanews

      Read our comments above. As for the rest, you obviously don’t know anything about the modern Greek history…

      • HERA

        You know a phrase we Albanias repeat always : Everything that don’t kill us make us stronger!
        We are one nation that has touched the ground in every century and still we fight. Is in our blood! Who hate us give to us more force… We are a fighter nation, we are talented, and i don’t understand why our neighbors hate us if we never harmed them more than they harmed us.. Especially Greeks! Sh….t we fought for Greece till Greeks betrayed us.. and stabed us in the back. So? I always say – you were lucky to have us. We were your shield against the so called your ‘brother in faith” – Serbs. If they massacred their true brothers like Croats, Bosnians, for a piece of sh..t.. land – imagine what will do to have your beautiful lands. You have no other history that the old one. That’s the truth!