Eleni Menegaki: Her beauty defies time…(photos)

Eleni is turning 50 in a week

Eleni Menegaki is the highest-paid hostess in Greek TV, despite the fact that the ratings of her morning show have taken a downward path.

And, let’s be honest, as TV viewers who really cares about her earnings and ratings, as long as the incredibly beautiful Eleni remains on air for us to enjoy.

The most amazing thing is that Menegaki recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and is as hot as she ever was.

The “blonde queen” of the Greek morning TV entertainment slot and her production crew might have been resting on their laurels for some time now, becoming a little complacent, but none of her competition seems to be able to pose a serious challenge to her reign.

Alluring Eleni, with over 1 million followers on Instagram, will be 50 soon but seems to have made a pact with time…