Elusive graffiti artist Banksy purportedly caught on camera! (photo)

It is the second time in past 20 years

An image purportedly of elusive urban graffiti artist Banksy is thought to be one of just two taken in almost 20 years.
Footage recorded by a scrap dealer is believed to reveal the ‘original’ Banksy – believed to be artist Robin Gunningham.
The artist was first captured red-handed while holding the artist’s signature stencil while visiting Jamaica in 2003.
Now a man bearing a striking resemblance to Gunningham has been caught on video in Hull at the same time that three ‘Bansky’ artworks were discovered in the city.
The artist was spotted wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses to shield his identity, metres from his official daubing on Thursday (Jan 25).
Banksy later confirmed the art slapped to the side of the disused Scott Street Bridge in Hull, East Yorkshire, was his via an official Instagram account 24 hours later.

source: independent.co.uk