Energy Minister reveals Turkey’s nuclear program

But how soon is Turkey going to have nuclear weapons, too?


Details on Turkey’s nuclear power plant project were provided by Turkey’s Energy Minister Fatih Donmez. In his interview with the NTV television network, he said Turkey is aiming to build three nuclear power stations. Our goal is for Akkuyu to be operational in 2023. In Sinope we have our cooperation with the Japanese. And with the Chinese we have a plan in Thrace. The process of developing our nuclear program continues, and as long as the appropriate conditions are in place, we will move forward”, he said.

Akkuyu, which is being built by Russian Rosatom, will be Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, an investment that exceeds USD 20 billion. The second nuclear plant will be built in northern Turkey and will be a co-operation between the Japanese and French consortium.

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