Enes Kanter tweets…Thanasis Veggos! (HILARIOUS)


Game 1 of the NBA Finals between Warriors and Cavaliers was just over. LeBron James had scored an amazing 51 points, but in the end, he left with his heart hung low, as the Warriors won 124-114.

And while the whole world was still talking about the unbelievable mistake of J. Smith, Enes Kanter tweeted the…tweet of the year!

The Knicks center, posted a GIF called “Cavs locker room live” where he showed the Greek comedian Thanasis Vengos slapping six girls! For history, this scene comes from the comedy “The Papatrehas”!

Who was Thanasis Veggos

Thanasis Veggos, during the “Golden Sixties” of the Greek film industry made his most popular comedy films such as the sequel of Secret Agent 000, Doctor Ziveggos and many others, also with surrealist humor, most of them by his own company Θ-Β Comedies (Θ-Β Tainies Geliou) which he founded in 1964.


He always did his own stunts including the most dangerous ones, like hanging from a rope tied to a balcony fifty feet above a pavement without anything to break his fall, walking through a glass door, or falling down a stone staircase head first.

In 1995, Theo Angelopoulos cast Veggos and American actor Harvey Keitel in “Ulysses Gaze”.

thanasis veggos harvey keitel

Source: sport24