EP Elections: Thessaloniki and Athens the focus of ND and SYRIZA final open rallies

Tsipras expected to play the 13th pension in his rally, while Mitsotakis will refer the bad Prespa Agreement

Greece’s political parties are wrapping up their final pre-election campaigns, with PM Alexis Tsipras scheduled to speak at an open-air rally at Syntagma Square in Athens on Friday and leader of New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis is planned to speak at the port of Thessaloniki.
Greek voters will be casting their votes for both local elections and the European Parliament on Sunday.
Most polls show that ruling SYRIZA will suffer a defeat ranging between 6-8 points, the latest one by Pulse giving the main opposition party of New Democracy a 7-point lead.
In a highly polarised political climate with acrimonious attacks by both sides, Mr. Mitsotalkis is expected to address the crowd in Thessaloniki making special reference to the Prespa Agreement by the leftist government of SYRIZA and its negative impact – SYRIZA is forecast to incur heavy losses in Thessaloniki and the region of Macedonia as a whole due to the agreement.
Meanwhile, PM Apexis Tsipras and the SYRIZA campaign are aware their party is trailing ND in the polls, with the Prime Minister expected to play his strong card of finical handouts and the 13th pension to his supporters at Syntagma.

Pundits believe the margin of SYRIZA’s impending defeat on Sunday will, to a large degree, determine the immediate political developments in Greece and whether the Prime Minister will call an early election or see through his full term until October.