EP President: Tsipras should not be given the Nobel Peace Prize

Tajani said he disagreed because Tsipras was still in office

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani explained why he was opposed to supporting Greek PM Alexis Tsipras as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Prespes Agreement. Speaking at the convention of the European People’s Party (EPP) group, Mr Tajani argued that as a member of the EPP he could not follow in the footsteps of the heads of the social democrats, greens and left groups in the European Parliament who co-signed a document endorsing Mr Tsipras’s Nobel Peace nomination.

“I have not signed up to give the Nobel to someone who is an active Prime Minister, because I believe that the Prize should be given to someone else. I think it could be given in remembrance of Helmut Kohl and not someone who is now involved in politics”, he said.