Erdogan: We will not retreat in the Aegean, we will not limit ourselves to our shores

As the danger of sanctions is practically gone, Turkey goes back to its initial strategic agenda

Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared provocative once again, stating in a Qatari newspaper that “Turkey will never retreat in the Aegean and the Mediterranean”.

He also accused Greece of being the one that causes tension in the region with its “unilateral actions”.

The Turkish president also attacks France, by stating that it is Paris “with the well-known colonialism” that is hiding behind the attitude of Greece and the Greek-Cypriots.

“We have strongly stated on all fora that we will not accept a solution that ignores Turkey and the Turkish-Cypriot side and limits us to our shores. We will continue to resolutely defend and protect our rights at all times and under all conditions”, Erdogan added.

Insisting in provocative tones, he states that “those who saw our determination in the Eastern Mediterranean and found that they could not make us retreat with empty threats and blackmail have finally heeded our call for dialogue”.

Distorting the reality, he notes that “Turkey has shown strongly and clearly that it supports the reduction of tension and is in favor of dialogue in the Eastern Mediterranean not only through its positions but also through its actions”.

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“We are convinced that the international law is on our side. We are taking all steps on the issue of the Mediterranean within the framework of the ‘win-win’ principle in a way that serves peace and tranquility and will be to the benefit of all the states in the region”, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will try to decipher the Turkish intentions as he travels to Bratislava, Slovakia to take part in the “GlobSec 2020” security forum. The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will also be there today to address the same event.

Officially, Nikos Dendias’ meeting with his Turkish counterpart has not been finalized yet, however it is considered very likely that there will be a meeting between the two men on the sidelines of the forum.