Erotic film star says she will sleep with winner of contest to fulfil their fantasy

Jessa Rhodes said in a Reddit AMA she would fulfil a fan’s fantasy’ and even told them how they can apply

Porn star Jessa Rhodes has said she’d sleep with a fan to fulfil their fantasy.

In a Reddit AMA (ask me anything for those who aren’t familiar), the adult film actress said she’d ‘fulfil a fan’s fantasy’ and even told them how they can apply.

One fan asked Jessa: “Would you sleep with a fan to fulfil their fantasy? Asking for all of us.”

And her reply was: “Actually yes! In fact people can enter my ‘f***-a-fan’ contest via my private Snapchat.”

She also revealed the most dangerous thing she’s ever done on set, saying that she once had to repeat an underwater scene so many times that she thought she was going to pass out.

When asked what her ‘they don’t pay me enough for this s***’ moment was, she replied: “One time while shooting for Brazzers for Kirin Lee, I had to dive into a pool and swim from one end to another while wearing a robe that weighed me down. I had to do MANY takes because of technical difficulties. Every time I held my breath and resurfaced I thought I was going to pass out.”

She also answered other questions, including one that she said made her cringe so badly that she paid to have the video back.

She wrote: “I’m not going to say who it was for, but one time I was so grossed out after a scene that I went back and paid the guy back that I was doing the scene with and asked to get the footage so I can destroy it.”

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