EU Summit – PM Mitsotakis: EU condemns Turkish provocations

Turkis issue will be included in the text of conclusions


The PM said that Greece and Cyprus’s demands for the inclusion of clear references on Turkey’s provocations in the final text were adopted.

“The European Council reaffirms the conclusions of 2 October 2020 and strongly condemns Turkey’s new unilateral and provocative actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, including recent research activities.

The European Council calls on Turkey to respect UN Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789, stresses the importance of the Varosha regime, and reiterates its full solidarity with Greece and Cyprus.

The European Council also calls on Turkey to reverse these actions and work to reduce tensions in a consistent and systematic manner. It will continue to monitor the issue closely in order to follow up on its conclusions on 2 October 2020.”

The MP said he reminded his colleagues that the Turkish issue was not only important for Greece and Cyprus but for the whole of Europe. “The conclusions of the previous Session clearly state (in paragraph 21) that December is the deadline for deciding on sanctions. I reminded my counterparts that measures had been taken in previous decisions, such as an arms embargo. The best expression of solidarity would be a European initiative not to allow arms sales to Turkey. My position was understood. The US is not selling F-35s to Turkey, as the S-400s are a threatening treaty.”

The EU Summit ended in Brussels and according to sources, the issue of Turkey will be included in the text of the conclusions. PM Mitsotakis is holding a press conference: