EU teleconference Summit: Concerns over Covid-19 mutations and delay in vaccines

The proposal by Greek PM for a Covid-19 travel certificate tabled at the Summit

PM Mitsotakis’ proposal for a European vaccination certificate, which would facilitate travel without the need for a coronavirus test for all travelers, will be one of the main topics of the European Council teleconference, which aims to coordinate the Member States for tackling the pandemic.

While the Commission – as well as several EU countries, but also international organizations, such as IATA – are in favour of such an arrangement, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement that she does not expect any final decisions to be reached in tonight’s teleconference. At a press conference in Berlin at noon, she hinted that at this stage she does not intend to agree on travel facilities through a vaccination certificate that will be valid throughout the EU.

Asked if the restrictions would continue to apply to those who have been vaccinated, the chancellor said that the issue does not arise as long as it remains unknown whether those who have been vaccinated transmit the coronavirus or not. It is also not known whether the vaccines on the market will continue to be effective in the case of mutant coronavirus strains emerging along the way.

One more factor is, according to the chancellor, whether the companies producing the vaccines will be able to supply the required quantities of vaccines. Speaking about Germany, she said that she hoped Germany would have enough vaccines for anyone who decided to receive the jab until mid-September.