Eurobank: Hackers have “broken” the bank’s web-banking system and are leaking users’ data live!

Developing Story

A massive hacking attack of Eurobank’s web-banking customer’s data is underway in the last hours. The data are published immediately by another platform!

The bank’s customers, after their login in the electronic transaction system, are directed to another page, where their details are recorded and stolen: Both their personal data and their codes of their e-banking account.

The phishing attack, as it has been called internationally is not obvious to the actual owners of the bank accounts, but their stolen data are made public on the telegram platform.

The hackers who have “broken” Eurobank security systems automatically have the data of customers who have made transactions in the last few hours, which allows them to access their accounts.

So far there is no reaction from the bank, nor information to its customers about the possible consequences of the attack on its systems.

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