European media cover Macedonian rally

They all speak of a large crowd

European media outlets reported on the large rally at Syntagma Square in Athens (still underway), against the Prespes Agreement that concedes the name “Macedonia” to FYROM. German network “Tagesschau” writes: “There is only one Macedonia…The change of the name of FYROM to ’northern Macedonia’ has divided many Greeks. Tens of thousands of people are protesting at Syntagma”.

“Only our country can be called Macedonia!”, This is what we are reading today on flags and banners by the protesters who have flooded the streets of Athens ..”, writes the German medium.

“Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating in central Athens against the planned ratification of the name change of Macedonia to “Northern Macedonia “, the German Radio reports, adding: “Many Greeks are opposed to changing the name. The controversy over the name resolution has so far prevented ‘Macedonia’ from joining the EU and NATO.

“Thousands of people gathered in downtown Athens on Sunday afternoon to protest the agreement on the new name of ‘Macedonia’”, the French newspaper “Liberation” writes, adding: “Hundreds of buses from all over the country, especially from northern Greece, arrived in the centre of Athens … Most protesters waved the blue-white flags creating a wave of blue and white colour at Syntagma Square where mass demonstrations are often held outside their parliament Greeks “.