Ex-PM Karamanlis “photo-bombs” Zeta Douka TV interview! (video)

During the premiere of the film “Kazantzakis”

Greek actress Zeta Douka was in the middle of a live TV interview at the premiere of the film “Kazantzakis”, directed by internationally acclaimed director Yiannis Smaragdis, when former PM Kostas Karamanlis casually strolled in front of the camera ruining the interview. All the cameras suddenly turned to Mr. Karamanlis, with the actress dumbfounded. “Mr. Karamanlis is interrupting…It’s OK, we forgive him. Doesn’t Mr. Karamanlis know we don’t pass in front of the cameras? It’s unbelievable! I’m kidding, right?” The former PM did the ultimate photo-bomb!