Exotic car collection in…grandmother’s garage?! (PHOTO)

The next time your grandmother asks you to help her clean the house, do it!

A woman recently recounted on Reddit the reunion she had with a collection of exotic cars stored in her grandmother’s cluttered garage.

She said she felt like an archaeologist as she took the cover off a white 1981 Lamborghini Countach that was parked between a Ferrari 308 and MG T, but didn’t reveal where they were located.

The cars had been purchased by her late grandfather for an exotic car rental business that he ran for a while, before rising insurance costs forced him to close it.

He kept the cars, but didn’t take very good care of them. She said he left them outside and in a series of leaky garages, and that they’ve been in this one for over 15 years.

None of them run, and they are definitely worse for wear inside and out, although their bodies are in good condition.

She said grandma is looking to get rid of them soon, but that they’re not officially for sale yet. Fully restored, they could be worth well over $500,000.

At the moment, both women are staying anonymous and aren’t interested in doing any more publicity beyond the Reddit post.

Source: foxnews