Extreme weather bulletin issued by Mateorological Services

Extreme conditions to cover most of the country

The National Meteorological Services (EMY) have issued an emergency bulletin on Wednesday morning, warning of a more extreme weather conditions over the next days. According to the report, heavy rainfall and storms will continue, while strong winds and topical hail storms are also forecast.
The following regions of Greece will be affected by the weather conditions: Wednesday (15-11-2017):
The Ionian Sea islands, Epirus, western mainland Greece, Peloponnese, Thessaly and central Macedonia, while the island complex of Sporades and Euboea could be partly affected by nightfall.
Thursday (16-11-2017): Euboea, Sporades and possibly the western Cyclades and western Crete will be affected as will the Ionian sea.
Friday: (17-11-2017):
Possibly Epirus until the morning, the Ionian Sea, Sporades, Euboea, Cyclades, western Crete and the rest of mainland Greece, (except Thrace and eastern Macedonia).
Saturday (18-11-2017): Initially all over the country apart from Epirus and Corfu. Until night, the phenomena will weaken in the Ionian, Crete, and continental (apart from Central and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace)
Sunday (19-11-2017): Probably by noon Ancient Macedonia, Thrace, the islands of the East Aegean and the Dodecanese.