Extreme weather report: Storms & snow in most of Greece

This year’s Christmas will be snowy

A gradual worsening of the weather is expected starting from tomorrow Thursday in the southern parts of the country with heavy snowfall at intervals in the mountainous areas and heavy rains and storms in the lowlands.

On Thursday, strong rains and storms will occur at Kythera, Peloponnese (mainly in the east and south). Rains at strong times are likely to occur in Evritania, Fokida, Eastern Sterea (mainly Fthiotida, Boeotia and Evia).

Snowfall at lengthy intervals will be noted in the Peloponnese initially from the 600 meters, which gradually will be limited to the mountains by the evening.

In the other regions, as well as in Thessaly (mainly in Pelion), it will occasionally snow in the semi-mountainous areas (500-600 meters).

The windy northeast winds in the southern Peloponnese and Kythira will be strengthened at night at 9 and probably at 10 Beaufort.

On Friday, the phenomena will continue at intervals in the above areas. Further strong rains and storms are likely from noon in Crete, the Cyclades and during the night in the Eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese. Dense snowfall will occur in the mountains of Crete (mainly in the west) while the northerlands in the Aegean will reach 8-9 Beaufort.

On Saturday, phenomena by midday will be limited to the eastern Aegean and Crete and will be weakened.

Possible there will be new weather changes in the evening and from the north with local snowfall mainly in the east, storms in the Aegean, stormy winds and further falling temperatures across the country.