Facebook vs. Snapchat – Which one do youth prefer? (infographic)

Facebook and Twitter are for older people

When it comes to their social media preferences, U.S. teens are about as loyal as Brutus was to Caesar. Back in 2013, Facebook was their social network of choice. In 2014, Instagram took the throne for a while before being replaced by Snapchat in 2016.

Now, in the spring of 2019, Snapchat is still the number 1 for teens in the United States, but Instagram is making up ground. According to the latest edition of PiperJaffray’s bi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey, 41 percent of the roughly 8,000 teenagers polled named Snapchat their favourite social media platform, while 35 percent of the respondents picked Instagram as their platform of choice.

The popularity of Snapchat and Instagram clearly comes at the expense of Facebook and Twitter, which seem to be less and less appealing to the teenage demographic.

source: statista


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