FB wants to connect everybody…no matter where – Debuts 'lite' version

New app takes up 1 MB of space, compatible with Android — FB wants to expand to … Developing World

It’s not enough that some “netizens” spend countless hours on Facebook, now the world’s pre-eminent social media site has unveiled a “lite” version of itself, debuting a new app for Android that only takes up 1 MB of storage space.
The normal Facebook app takes up about 25 MB of storage space.
According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as quoted by CNN, Facebook Lite will “work to serve the entire world” by allowing people in developing countries to get faster access to the app even if mobile networks in that area are very slow.
Just what the developing world needs, more work-hours spent surfing FB…
USA Today noted that the app has been stripped down to is main features — allowing users can post status updates, photos, can access their notifications and news feeds. Users won’t be able to watch video on the app, because it requires too much data, according to NBC.