“F**ck that guy”: UFC boss Dana White blasts New York Times (video: warning: explicit language)

The UFC President erupted over a piece critical of the UFC Covid-19 testing methods

UFC boss Dana White went on a tirade against a New York Times reporter who was critical of the UFC. In a press conference the strongman of the UFC blasted the NYT for never covering the sport before, but claimed once they realised the sport was driving huge traffic to its site it started including two or more pieces on the UFC per week.

White responded dismissively  to a question about a New York Times piece that was critical of the organisation in relation to its testing practices for Covid-19. “F**ck that guy”, he said. He went on to explain that the NYT site saw a huge spike its traffic since it started covering the UFC. “I don’t give a sh**t about that guy. I don’t give a f**ck”, he said.

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