Female ‘Hulk’ vs. Bodybuilder (video)

Better not mess with either of them

During lockdown, Rahki Giovanni struggled to keep up with training and maintaining her figure. Brittany Watts on the other hand, has been prepping for her next bodybuilding competition and is in peak condition.

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Both women pride themselves on their physiques, and have both dealt with the highs and lows of transforming into muscular women. But how will Rahki do when joining Brittany for one of her two workouts a day? Brittany now goes to Retro Fitness in Florida to do over four hours of exercise a day, six days a week. Rahki on the other hand has not been to a commercial gym since COVID hit. Will Rahki be able to keep up with Brittany’s workout? How will Brittany deal with working out with another woman and keeping her focus?

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