FIFA: Football “Grexit” is possible!

FIFA delegation hold press conference in Athens on latest developments in Greek football

The head of the international committee that monitors EPO (Greek Football Federation), Herbert Hubel warned that the possibility of a Grexit for Greek football was a real. During a press conference half at the EPO offices in Athens Wednesday, Mr Hubel said this behaviour demob started recently by football owners had led them to Greece to help make the right steps in the right direction which the entire football family has to implement.
“What I can say on behalf of all my colleagues is that the first thing that needs to be done, and here I ask for your help, the press, weapons must disappear from football. The goal is victory, but it can not come with arms and extortion!’, he underlined“, adding that “…you journalists, because Greek football has now reached a dead end, and GREXIT is not unlikely!”

“I wonder how your teams play in Europe and are doing all things right? As a father, I would not take my children to the stadium and this is something that must concern everyone in Greece!”, he said.

“That was the beginning, but it was imperative to come here after all I have seen in the last three games which to put it kindly was unacceptable, unacceptable!”