Fine dining recital by chefs Mauro Colagreco & George Stylianoudakis in Mykonos

The star-worthy menu was a potpourri of their signature dishes and every one of them defined their culinary expertise

By Eleftheria Vasiliadi

The Cretan born “virtuoso of Modern Hellenic Cuisine”, George Stylianoudakis, welcomed award-winning chef Mauro Colacreco in Kensho fine dining restaurant in Mykonos for a spectacular 4 hands fine dining performance.

The sophisticated cuisine of Mirazur’s chef-patron, gave him prominence as one of the most influential chefs of the decade. I had the chance to taste chef Colagreco’s cuisine twice in the past few years, when his restaurant ranked 6th and 4th at “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list (he’s currently at #3) so it was more than a pleasure to see him again, this time, not at his culinary diamond in Menton but in Greece, in cosmopolitan Mykonos.

In all of our previous interviews he delineated his interesting culinary path and manifesto and every meal I enjoyed from his hands was an ode to seasonality and sustainability. The aesthetic base of his refined dishes, the delicate gourmet eclecticism and his expressive modernism compile his gastro-mentalité and regarding his culinary profile, the really interesting part is that it’s formed by his Italo-Argentinian legacy. So, his references aren’t strictly French, as someone may suggest because of Mirazur’s location, but Mediterranean. “We’re at the French-Italian boarders and I’ m not French either only Italian. Boarders put boundaries. If I was French, I would have a clear preference in french products and if I was Italian, I would cook like an Italian. I can cook freely and that’s one of the main reasons we (the Mirazur team) made the difference. We try to exceed the boundaries and narrate new stories through our flavors, compiled by new seasonal products which we use with a different approach every time”, chef had told me in one of our interviews.

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