Fire continues for 3rd day in Corinthia

It has abated in some areas

Four water dispensing airplanes and 6 helicopters aircraft have been deployed to fight the fire raging in the region of Corinthia  with the Fire Brigade expressing optimism due to the fall of the winds.

The fire is now stagnant, according to the Chief of the Fire Brigade, while DeputyMinister for Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias activated the Copernicus plan.

The area in Kechries, Corinthia, is being wetted by the first light of day, while the fire is now in remission and the overall situation appears encouraging, as he stressed late last night at the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency. The Chief of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris  has been on the spot since the first day and is coordinating operations.

367 firefighters have been operating in the area since the morning with 92 vehicles, 15 infantry divisions, volunteer firefighters and water trucks provided by local authorities, while 4 aircraft and 6 helicopters are also operating. The efforts of the fire brigade are currently focused mainly on the areas of Galataki and Drasa.

The region of eastern Corinthia was declared a in state of emergency, in which -despite the efforts of the fire brigade- the fire that broke out yesterday in Kechries continued to burn on Thursday, for the second day.

On Thursday afternoon, an evacuation order was given for Ryto Corinthias.

According to information from korinthostv, a firefighter, who was operating on the scene was transported with an ambulance to Corinth General Hospital with a head injury.

The evacuation of a settlement in the area of ​​Sofiko and the community of Drassa, proceeded, for precautionary reasons in Corinth, as stated by the mayor of Corinth, Vassilis Nanopoulos, because, as he explained, “the situation with the fire is very difficult”.

As the mayor added, he asked the government and the Peloponnese region to declare the municipality in a state of emergency.