First Greece-Quartet meeting in wake of wikileaks over in just an hour

10bln Euros due in June-July on interest payments

In the wake of the IMF wikileaks scandal, the Greek delegation, led by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos resumed negotiations with the county’s creditors in Athens Monday. The meeting, which lasted only for one hour, took place at a central Athens hotel under draconian security measures at the request of IMF Director Christine Lagarde. Following the meeting Tsakalotos told the press that no mention was made to the wikileaks transcripts during talks saying it was ‘an introductory meeting’. Tskalaotos pointed out that the two delegations focused on laying out the meeting schedule for the first week of negotiations and a ‘road map’ till the April 22 Eurogroup. He declined to comment on the fact that the Europeans sided with the IMF on the wikileaks matter, while he said it was uncertain whether another meeting would be held Tuesday. The Quartet is expected to receive a series of tax measures by the Greek government aimed at reaching the 3.5% surplus target in this year’s GDP as laid out in the adjustment plan. Meanwhile, Greece is under immense pressure, as 10bln Euros worth of interest payments on loans are due in July and June. Given the fact the country’s public coffers are in the red Greece is desperate to get a positive review by its lenders to receive a tranche and cover its obligations.