Fitness model kicked off airplane (videos)

Social media Influencer Jen Selter

Social media Influencer Jen Selter has nearly 12 million Instagram followers. She is known for her fit figure, but on a flight from Miami to New York, her famous status did not exempt her from getting kicked off the airplane by police.
She is seen corroborating the story about the flight attendant asking her if she wished to get off the aircraft. However, she insists that she was “just being sarcastic.”
Despite her arguments, police were called and she was removed from the plane. “American Airlines calls the shots, they don’t want you to fly on their plane today,” the police officer told a teary-eyed Selter.
Selter, her sister, and a passenger who was heard telling the captain that he is “harassing” Selter in the video, are escorted out of the plane.
Some of her fans on Twitter are giving her some support, while others say that “there are two sides to every story.”
Selter posted a final video where a young woman is seen saying that the flight attendants were allegedly harassing Selter “for no reason.”
The Instagram model captioned the video: “Here is a video of an innocent passenger who on her own decided to get off the plane based on how badly @AmericanAir treated us all.”

 source: yahoo

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