Five women who got away with horrific violence against men

Double standards?

A familiar canard of modern feminism is that men cannot be discriminated against, because they do not face powerful, institutional forms of oppression that disadvantage them for the simple reason they are men, and not women.

This, of course, is absolutely not true. Men are disadvantaged at every level of formal education, continue to die years earlier than women, partially because their healthcare issues are woefully underfunded, and they face severe consequences for violence, particularly violence against women. If the departments of Education, Justice, and Health are not powerful institutional forces, what are?

The promising and extraordinary aspiring doctor who stabbed her lover in a drug-fueled rage, yet faces no jail time because a conviction would seriously inconvenience her plans to become a heart surgeon, is just one example of women who are ‘oppressed’ and ‘discriminated against’ in a system designed by mysterious patriarchal forces to absolve women of consequences, even when men suffer and die.

The Glass Smasher

When William Scott had the audacity to text another girl on Facebook, Lucie Slater responded by smashing a glass she was holding across his face. The damage was significant, resulting in a disfiguring wound that severed an artery and left her aspiring model boyfriend unable to control nerves in his face.

Lucie was spared jail for this assault, despite ending Scott’s career ambitions. According to the judge, Lucie was drunk and “lost her temper”.

The Jezebel Editors

Failed Gawker site Jezebel, run by a team of feminist editors, recount in fairly graphic detail the extent to which they regularly assault their male partners. The violent ladies find the assaults quite amusing, while acknowledging that they are engaged in what can only be called domestic violence.

No record of any of these women facing criminal consequences for their actions can be found.

The Hit Man for Hire

Nicole Doucet was not a happy camper up in Canada when she decided she preferred widowhood to divorce. Having lost custody of her daughter to her ex-husband, Nicole hired a hitman to negotiate a much more favorable outcome for her. He stole her $25 000 and declined to kill Mike Ryan, who suffered from a bad attitude, but was never physically violent with his wife.

The next hitman was a police officer, who recorded Nicole on tape, requesting her ex-husband’s murder.

The courts decided Nicole was an abused woman who was simply fighting back and declined to sentence her to any jail time.

The Boxcutter

When Bonita Vela suspected her daughter’s boyfriend of molesting her two year old son, she decided to take justice into her own hands. The boyfriend vigorously denied the charges, but this did not stop Bonita from trapping the man in a trailer and hacking at his penis with a box cutter, so he would be left with a visible scar.

Bonita faces no jail time.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

When Jon Steer attacked a stranger, glassing him in the face for trying to break up a fight in a pub, Steer was sentenced to eight years in prison. When Alice Walpole glassed the nice man playing air guitar, dancing and chatting with her, she had an iron-clad excuse that saved her from any jail time.

She was wasted, dude, and couldn’t remember a thing.

When it comes to violence against men, women get a pass that no man would get.

There is a curious lack of protest from feminists who generally oppose gender inequalities.