Former top Turkish diplomat: Libya-Turkish agreement has no legal basis

He said the memorandum is meaningless

The agreement on delimitation of maritime zones reached between Turkey and Libya is excessive and without a legal basis, says a former Turkish diplomat on the Arabic-language Ahval network.

As Avhal reports:

“Yunus Emre Açıkgönül, former Turkish diplomat and expert on international maritime law, explained to Ahval editor David Lepeska why Turkey’s recent maritime deal with Libya is largely meaningless and how the post-coup purge of its foreign ministry has left Turkey with few legal experts in international affairs.”

Speaking to Ahval Arabic-based journalist David Lepeska, the Turkish former diplomat explains that the agreement on delimiting the maritime zones between the two countries is not in line with international law.

“After a failed coup attempt in Turkey, its neighbour’s foreign ministry has few experts on international issues,” he said.