Fourteen arrests of neo-fascists in Italy

They planned to reform “Nuovo Ordini”

Italian Carabinieri made fourteen arrests of neo-fascists today, during an operation, with the charge that they were attempting to achieve the revivification of far right political organization Ordine Nuovo, which was officially dissolved forty years ago.

The arrests were made in several Italian cities, with dozens of raids, part of which took place in Milan.

According to Italian media, those arrested were planning to go on attacks against political, judicial and other targets, and bombing attacks against offices of the Italian tax authorities and prefectures.

The fourteen arrested allegedly were preparing the formation of a real party with which they intended to take part in parliamentary elections, so that they can be allowed to achieve “significant positions of power”.

The ultimate goal of those arrested, according to the Italian press, was the overthrow of democratic institutions of Italy, thus they had gone on with a systematic propaganda, using the new social media trend systematically.