France to hand-out satirical religious books to students in response to Islamist extremist attack

The French will march in commemoration of the history teacher beheaded by an Islamist extremist

The citizens of central France will take to the streets tomorrow, in commemoration of the French history teacher Samuel Patty, 47, who was beheaded by an 18-year-old jihadist last Friday.

Meanwhile, the president of 13 French regions announced yesterday, an initiative of the Local Government in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to distribute books with satirical sketches of political and religious content to high school students in response to the brutal murder of the teacher in the Yvelin district, as newspaper Le Parisien writes.

Chechen Islamist terrorist Abdullah Anzorov killed the history teacher, the father of a five-year-old boy, for showing cartoons of Muhammad during a lesson, causing shock and outrage across the country and the world.

As part of the investigation into Samuel Patty’s murder, authorities are investigating a total of 15 people, including four students and members of the perpetrator’s family, according to the newspaper “Le Monde”.

President Emmanuel Macron’s administration is keen to demonstrate its full determination on the Islamic extremists, as police operations were put into force to including raids of dozens of Islamist groups and suspected extremists amid growing pressure on the government to clamp down on religious fundamentalism three days after a teacher was beheaded outside his school.

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