French leftists threaten to move to Canada if Le Pen wins! (FUNNY VIDEO)

It sounds familiar…

Facing the very real possibility of an election victory for France’s far-right Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen, a number of leftists in France are threatening to move to Canada.

According to, pollsters predict Le Pen will make it through the first round of voting on April 23rd due to the “unwavering support of about one in four voters.”

There is significant doubt. though, among pollsters that Le Pen will come out on top during the final vote on May 7. However, given pollsters’ horrendous inaccuracy in predicting the U.S. election outcome, a number of leftist citizens are bracing for a shock.

Yahoo’s article goes on to cite left-wing comedian Guy Bedos who declared, in a book published in March, “just in case, I’m making plans to move to Quebec.”

Speaking with AFP, he reportedly added, “I have an absolute aversion for the Le Pen family.”

Several artists have reportedly also stated “they would prefer exile to living under Le Pen” and have vowed to flee to Canada as refugees should the National Front politician become victorious.

Dozens of actors, singers, and other artists have reportedly joined the hysterical anti-Le Pen movement, adding their signatures to a recent op-ed in the Liberation Daily stating, “the National Front is on the threshold of power. We call for a bulwark against Marine Le Pen… in the name of freedom of thought and creativity.”

These statements are, of course, not all that different from ones made by liberal American celebrities during the U.S. Presidential campaign.

It remains to be seen if, unlike their American counterparts, the French celebrities will actually follow through with their promises.

As Fox News reported, many celebrities – immediately after Trump’s election – began to get “cold feet” about actually leaving the country.